Why would you show up to apply for a job in Carhart overalls with pig crap on your hands?

Or with a hat emblazoned with marijuana leaves?

Oh! better yet – asking me to sign a permission slip to take back to your parole officer to prove you were applying for a job. I mean, I know you’ve paid your debt to society… but what was the original charge? Oh, you can’t say? Yeah. Hmm.

This is crazy. Over 50 applicants, and barely any have experience in restaurants or customer service.

This is going to be a challenge.

I’ve been working 14-hour days, and NEED to hire someone, STAT!

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2 Responses to Applicants

  1. supercw says:

    oh noooo!!! lol, we are all hurting from this tight labor market, that’s for sure.

    maybe overlook certain virtues in favor of others… hire them all on a probationary term…. consider uniforms……

    good luck tho!

  2. freedomofchoice says:

    I am just pleased that you are giving some of these folks their first customer service training. Your customer service goes far beyond just great pizza. When these folks move on, they will often look back at your operation and realize the value of what you taught them (some may get it sooner, hopefully for you). People like you help raise the bar — or at least keep it even — in this town. And your experience is so enjoyable for me to read, so thank you. Not just enjoyable — hilarious!

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