Now that we’re paying all of the utility companies twice every month (for our home & for the restaurant), I’ve been keeping a much closer eye on our usage of electricity, gas, and water.

Our personal Electric bill is more than it’s ever been, and we’re never home! Yet, our restaurant’s electric bill is just shy of twice that usage


is over 4x the cost!

Read that last sentence again.


How does that work?

Maybe I’m just terrible at math, but it seems to me that businesses are stuck paying higher rates just because they’re in business. My uncle Fred would say that I’m sounding more and more Republican every day….

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2 Responses to Electricity

  1. Adrienne says:

    Sometimes utility companys do a cost differential for different seasons. I know that with our Gas Co. they charge us an “extra fee” in the Spring and Summer months since we tend to use less. It’s their way of making money all year round. Interesting that your home bill is higher when you aren’t around, hmpf. Scam artists I say!

  2. Matt says:

    Soap box time!

    This is my number one beef with business vs residential. I understand the QOS argument they make, but the major one that I take issue with is the local cable company charging more for business service with less bandwidth and saying that it is due to businesses using more bandwidth. UMMMMMMMM ever heard of bittorent? Our home connection really slowed down during Christmas break. hmmm wonder why?

    Okay stepping down now…

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