The Californian Invasion

A Southern Californian traveled to the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago, and had a terrific time. He enjoyed comfortable temperatures, met up with some new friends, and feasted on some of the freshest seafood he’d ever had. He went home to California, and told all of his friends and family about what a wonderful time he had in Oregon.

THE FOOD, he exclaimed! You’ll have to venture North yourselves to believe it!

And so they did. And then they told their friends and family back home, and soon enough, there were many Southern Californians vacationing in Oregon and basking in a veritable wonderland of wealth and gluttony. All were fat and happy.

Until —

A federal agency recommended killing some of these Southern Californians this year while they are feasting on salmon which are migrating upriver to spawn.

The video I’ve linked to says it all….

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