That’s Sick

The gal working the front called in sick last night. Of course, our friend MURPHY who made that LAW insisted that we be busy. What restaurant is busy on a Tuesday in January? The one hosting the Employee Appreciation party for the local ski hill. MIL and I handled it easily, though, and I was incredibly thankful she was able to help me for a couple of hours.

Then today, three people called in sick. Well, one showed up and tried to work. She was sent home about 45 seconds after she walked in the door. I refuse to have someone who is even slightly ill work at our restaurant.

MIL, Whitey and I ran the entire restaurant until 5pm when our dishwasher/ovens guy showed up. Again, Murphy thought it funny to have over 30 high-school kids show up at the same time as two large parties ordering Build-Your-Own Strombolis and specialty pizzas. MIL and I ran Ran RAN for an hour, trying to stay ahead of the game. I broke a sweat, and honestly went outside to cool off in the glorious 12 degrees that the thermometer boasted.

I will NEVER complain about being busy… only about being under-staffed.

I already know that our front gals for the morning and evening shifts, and our kitchen manager/head cook, will be sick tomorrow. I called all three of them and insisted that they NOT SHOW UP to work and even attempt to handle food.

Why is it that the owner of a business doesn’t ever get sick? Do we get a secret immunity shot when we sign the papers for the SBA loans?

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