Front counter gal says to me today, “Hey, would you mind taking care of this guy in the front? He’s being really rude.”

I put on my biggest smile, and went out to greet him. He was looking at the photo board near the counter, tapping his foot and scowling.

“Are you waiting for a To-Go order?” I asked.

“YES! STILL.” he replied. I offered to check on it, then returned and asked if he was the one that placed the order yesterday.

“Yes,” he said.

I replied, “It shows that you asked for it to be ready at 12:15, so they weren’t expecting you to be early. They’re cooking it as fast as they can, and I promise you’ll have it as soon as they pull it out of the oven.” (BIG SMILE) 🙂

“I just have people waiting on me,” he said, still scowling.

“Well, you seem upset,” I said, “so I wanted to be sure it wasn’t something that we did to make you so grumpy.” (BIGGER SMILE)

Grumpy realized that he was being… well… Grumpy. He said he was just tired, and faked a smile.

“That’s better!” I said. “For that, I’m going to even have them cut the pizza for no charge!” 🙂

Killin’ ’em with Kindness. It’s the best that I can do.

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