We’ve had a few requests for gluten-free pizza, and so we’ve been trying to find a way to accommodate their needs. We already offer soy cheese for the lactose intolerant, as well as “fake” meats (for vegetarians) like pepperoni, chicken, and ground beef.

At first, we tried ordering pre-made gluten-free crusts from the pros, and the last batch we got was $84 for 10 crusts (including shipping). They were supposed to be 14″, yet they fit on our 10″ paper plates. The flavor was okay, but I couldn’t justify the price we’d have to charge to serve it to customers. Plus, they were so tiny!

During my last trip to Boise, I bought tons of gluten-free flours and gums, and we’ve been trying different recipes that we’re finding on the Celiac message boards. A fellow blogger sent me a list of resources to check into (thanks, Sarah!) and the online Celiac community responded with tons of tips, recipes, and suggestions for us to try.

We now have the best gluten-free crust I’ve ever tasted.

One of our kitchen guys (who likes plain pepperoni, salads with Ranch, and “don’t even TRY to make me eat seafood”) tried a slice and called it “really good”. That’s when I knew it had to be tasty. The guy doesn’t eat anything remotely strange, and yet he went back for a second slice.

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

The crust has a great crisp with a buttery flavor. It held together perfectly, even though it was a PAIN to make and form.

We’ve ordered cases of the ingredients and will be proud to now offer affordable (only $4 more per pizza) gluten-free options for those people allergic to wheat.

C’est bien!!!

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2 Responses to Gluten-Free

  1. Deltasierra says:

    Hooray! That’s awesome. 🙂 Special-diet menus are hard to come by in some areas. Having developed gestational diabetes during this pregnancy, I’ve had to be more aware of what’s on a menu before I eat anywhere. Sometimes, there just aren’t any diabetic-friendly items. Thankfully, it’s not as bad a condition as Celiac’s or gluten intolerance, but it has made me more aware.

    Good for you guys! 🙂

  2. That’s fantastic! I’m so glad this worked out for you. I knew the celiac community would come through!! And believe me, you’ll see dividends– celiacs may be few in number, but they have celiac and non-celiac friends, and when a restaurant goes out of its way to make them feel welcome, the word-of-mouth is astonishing. I hope it makes your business even more successful.

    And thanks for the link! Good luck.

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