Lying to the Boss

I’ve been very worried about one of our employees – she’s been terribly ill for the past few days. I drove her home early on Thursday, and she called in sick on Friday saying that she was throwing up. I talked to her again on Saturday, and she said that her mom might be taking her to the hospital. She had a doctor’s appointment set for Monday morning, and wasn’t sure she could wait that long.

I spent all weekend covering her shifts along with another gal who ended up working a double shift to help out. Everyone has been extremely worried about her, and we’d even planned on sending some flowers to her today.

Come to find out… she was too sick to work, but felt good enough to go 4×4’ing with a bunch of friends on possibly Friday, and definitely Saturday night.

It’s a small town, and I was told all of this today by some of the people she was out with.

I feel so bummed that she lied to me.

We have a really laid-back policy on taking time off; if you want it, you got it. We also tell everyone that if they are even remotely sick, that they need to stay home. We can’t take the chance of someone else getting sick, and even if it isn’t contagious, we don’t want you to come to work if you have cramps, have a migraine, or feel depressed. Even these things can be contagious, in a way, bringing everyone else down and making the whole restaurant not function as a whole.

I called this gal today and asked how she was feeling, and what she did this weekend. She was still tired, she said, and stayed home all weekend. I explained that I had been informed otherwise, and how disappointed I am that she lied.

“OK,” she replied.

Not sorry at all. Not embarassed, not apologetic, not even an explanation.

I can’t stand lying. I can never trust someone after they lie to me. There’s no reason to lie about anything. Choose your words carefully, tip-toe around a truth that would hurt someone’s feelings — but an outright lie for your own benefit?

That’s ugly.

Whitey said that I’m too much of a friend to these kids, and not as good of a boss. I let people take advantage of how lenient I am. He says I need a tougher skin.

He’s probably right.

I hate that he’s probably right.

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3 Responses to Lying to the Boss

  1. nancy glasser says:

    I know at 18 my priorites where differant than they are now. I had a terrible time trying to be responsible and grown up and still wanting to be the wild and free chid of the sixties . I knew that I needed money to survive and not have to depend on my Mom and Dad or even my boy friend.( your dad )but sometimes I just wanted to run wild ,listen to rock and roll, go to the love-ins up at Griffif Park and be young and free. We have such a short time to be young and so many years to be grown up that I hope that you can remember the years of green hair and dog collars , sneaking out of the window and driving your dear sweet mother to well god knows what?I know that lies are hard to take, but this was not ment to hurt anyone , just to cover up a stupid act of youth. This young person was a friend as well as an employee, and I know that you have walked at least a mile in her shoes.Take a deep breath and let it go and thank GOD that she isn’t your daughter.Love and Peace of Mind, YourMom PS You have a right to be pissed that you are working so hard! Who said owning your own business was going to be fun anyway????

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