Gone, baby, gone

She quit. Sent her mom in with an envelope with her notice, 3-hours before her shift was to begin tonight. Of course, Baker City is hosting the state basketball tournament for the next four days, so she left all of us stranded. Nice.


Bummer. Everyone really liked her, and she was a great employee. I tried to call her, but she won’t pick up the phone and doesn’t have voice-mail. I left her a text message saying that I was only disappointed that she lied; not that she was sick.

Oh well. The other gals rallied and covered all of her shifts for the next 2-weeks until I can hire someone.

Two perfectly capable people applied today, and so I’m not too worried about finding someone else. It’s just so flippin’ disappointing.

Just bummed. Bummmmed.

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2 Responses to Gone, baby, gone

  1. jason bland says:

    I’ve found that trying to be pals with your employees doesn’t work. The one exception is when the employee sees some future gain — eventual profit sharing or equity, even if it is small. I’m not suggesting you do that, but be their manager first. I admire your efforts to make your crew a “family” but it will take much more time.

    And try not to be so offended. You’re better off without her. But you already knew that.

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