Absolute Disgust

This makes me feel sick. I will never understand the mentality of someone trashing someone elses property for fun.


Kaew is the nicest woman. If you’ve ever pulled up to her drive-thru for some great Thai food, you know that she is the first one to greet you, even if you’re behind other cars. She insists you “Sample! Sample this! I made this morning — verrrry good!” with a huge smile and then hustling to the next customer. She works so hard, and is always so pleasant.

Punks. This kind of stuff was unheard of 15 years ago in Bend. I remember sending a Bulletin newspaper to a friend in New Orleans to show how safe the town was; front page news told the story of a tree being cut down on the Westside of Bend to make way for a house. A single house. Front page news.

I knew that the dynamic in Bend had changed when I had to start locking my front door. It took me awhile to find the key. Then, my car stereo was stolen TWICE in 6 months. They had to break my gear shift in the console just to rip off a $200 CD player. It cost me four times that to get it fixed. About a year before we moved, I found footprints in the snow in the backyard where someone had jumped the fence and peered into all of the windows while I was sleeping (Whitey was bartending and wouldn’t get home until 3am). Soon after that we got Max, our Rottweiler.

Kaew should raise the prices of her homemade Thai food by $1 a plate. 600 customers later, she can buy a security system with 4 cameras and a motion-detection alarm.

Therein lies the problem. WE pay for the crime. Not the criminals.

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2 Responses to Absolute Disgust

  1. Deborah says:

    Hear Hear!!! Bend is becoming a very scary place. Have a job for me??

  2. Jake says:

    Growning up, we never locked our doors — they were always open. Cars were open, house was open, and we never worried at all.

    Can’t say the same now where cars, houses, sheds, and windows are all locked. It’s sad, and I’m getting sick of it. If we didn’t have family here, we’d totally be out of here.

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