Stolen credit card

My credit card number was stolen, and somehow used to purchase bodybuilding hormones online. That, plus a few questionable websites were subscribed to using my name and card number.

I haven’t used this card in over 5 years, so I’m a little tripped out on who/how it could’ve been stolen.

Here’s what I don’t get — if the card number was used to buy stuff, why can’t I find out who it was sent to and sue the bejeezus out of them? Why can’t they release that information to me?

Scary stuff.

Karma will get ’em.

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One Response to Stolen credit card

  1. nancy glasser says:

    That is scary stuff. This whole cyber thing just trips me out.When I went in to work yesterday our computer was letting me know that we had 188 counts of spy ware on record and that is why our computer was running soooo slow. We have so many employies that get on line and I have no idea where they go.That is going to stop now.New pass words.Work only. Bummer for them, but I will feel just a little safer. Paranoid in Bend

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