Me Myself and I

We had a group of 28 people walk in for lunch today, and I was the only one working the front-of-the-house. You’d think they’d order Giant pizzas (on Sundays, it’s Buy a Large, get a Giant for only a buck more!) — nope. It was one of almost everything on the menu.

Classic Ham n’ Cheese Subs
Cheesesteak Sub
Swiss Turkey Breast Subs
Large Pizza
Soup, Salad & Breadsticks
Slice & Salad
Italian Hoagie Sub
9 Strombolis
1/2 Salads
Full Salads
Single Slices…..

The kitchen was slammed. I ran around filling drinks & making salads, and trying my best to help the kitchen staff as best I could. When a customer approached me to ask to turn off the fans in the dining room, I about died. I was already covered in sweat, and couldn’t believe that they were chilly. Sure, no problem, I said.

When they were all eating, and Whitey joined me in the service area, we stared in awe at how many people we served in less than 20 minutes. The best part was when they were getting ready to leave, and how many people came up to me to compliment the food and thank us. Thank us? No, thank YOU! It also made me a bit teary-eyed. Everyone was hugging, saying goodbye and how much they missed each other. It was obvious that many were from out of town and visiting.

<pouting> As I watched a mom and daughter hug goodbye, it made me sad. I miss my mom, and even though she is less than a 5-hour drive away, we don’t see each other enough. We both are too busy, which is kind of silly. If something bad were to happen, we could be at each others side in a matter of hours. Why not be there when nothing is wrong? </pouting>

On a happier note — had 2 customers return pizza pans today. We had given them the pans with their to-go orders that included gluten-free pizzas. The first customer was a coach for a visiting basketball team, and said that the pizza was for a girl playing in the State Tournament. The coach said that it was the first pizza that the girl had eaten in almost 7 years, and that she absolutely loved it.

The second customer came in with a beaming smile, and said that it was the first pizza she’d had in 20 years! She raved about the pizza, and said that she’d be in tomorrow to try new toppings. She wouldn’t stop thanking me.

These gluten-free crusts are a pain to make – took Whitey an hour to make 4 of them the other day. He had been complaining about how difficult they were to mix, to form, to store. When I shared with him the stories of these people, he immediately conceded that this was why he made them. Not for profit, but for the sheer want to have satisfied customers. You could tell that he had a touch of pride, and I know that he’ll gladly make more tomorrow.


I’ve got to interview 2 people for the job that just opened up. I’ve got to do payroll, and then research the answers for the 2-pages of questions that our Accountant sent over for our taxes. After that, I need to finish our revised menu (new toppings, new entrees) and do the employee schedule for March.

All before 11 a.m. — yeah, right.

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