No one eats until it’s dark, yo.

As the sun sets later in the evening, we’ve found our restaurant busier later at night.

Today? Dead.

MIL and our kitchen manager ran the place today while Whitey watched March Madness and I baked cupcakes. Just like when we were unemployed / wannabe retired.

This afternoon, I “clocked in” and sat around watching basketball with Whitey. We discussed closing early, and I convinced him that we could then go out to dinner. Pizza is great and all, but breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Of course, the sun started to set, and POW! we were busy. We did almost our usual daily sales in the span of two hours. As the gal that was working tonight said, “No one wants to eat until it’s dark, yo!”

So. Does that mean that we’ll stay open until midnight in July? I’d better stock up on sleep now…


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4 Responses to No one eats until it’s dark, yo.

  1. Duncan McGeary says:

    Would you really leave early? That’s a rock solid rule for me — keep posted hours, no matter what. Nothing pisses people off more than to make a trip the the retail and find it closed when it should be open.

    Also, it is almost always a sign that the owners are giving up. You don’t want to give people that idea, do you?

  2. KeenEye says:

    We advertise that we’re open 7-days a week, 11am till close. Sometimes “close” means 8pm, other times it means midnight.

    Certainly not giving up… not yet. I haven’t won the lottery. 🙂

  3. Duncan McGeary says:

    Huh…I never heard of that. Is that common among restaurants?

    I think I’d be freaked out that I was going to miss a rush…

    Also, downtowners often are erratic about Sunday openings, and so when it’s slow, they use that as justification for closing. Where if they were just steady, open every Sunday, same hours, people might actually start showing up.

    Anyway, I’ve always said; the restaurant biz is different.

  4. gottabkd says:

    I think yo may be right. It seems that the young do not “go out to eat” till the sun sets, because they are busy doing “daylight” things. Plus they never have the hungries till much later than the “regular” set.

    The “older” set seems to have more regualr hours, but with some cultures, well they eat later in the evening. At home here I can find Asian food at 3 am… on any night of the week, but between 5 – 7 pm those same restaurants are empty.

    Go figure, yo 🙂

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