I’m officially a Fashion DON’T

After weeks of making fun of one of our front-of-the-house gals, I caved in and bought a pair of Crocs.


You’ve seen them; the rubber shoes with round holes in them. They might be the ugliest shoes in the world… try to prove me wrong.

Yet, she swore up and down that they were Sooooooo comfortable, and while I was slipping every night on the freshly-mopped floors, she could run across the kitchen in her ugly shoes, pointing and laughing at me.

Whitey was the first to buy them. They didn’t have any in his size that were a plain black, so he ended up with the No.8 Dale Ernhardt Jr. version. Considering that he doesn’t watch NASCAR, the combination of the theme along with the style of this shoe has me in hysterics. 🙂

I finally broke down and bought a pair. I never want to take them off.

One of our kitchen guys commented, “It’s like walking on kittens.”

I wouldn’t go that far, but they are pretty darned comfortable.

I also love that I can throw them in the washer to get them clean.

My mom had always raised me to be “Fashion, not function”, aso I know I’m going to get a ration of hell from her when she sees me wearing these things.

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One Response to I’m officially a Fashion DON’T

  1. WFO says:

    “Little E” now drives the #88 green chevy. Whitey is not only out of style in the kitchen but, is also “so last year” in the pits.

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