Senior Prom

Two of our employees went to the North Powder prom together last night. They stopped in to show off how awesome they looked —

Lime Green. I remember when lime green was cool, back in ’84. I had neon green laces for my tennis shoes. I guess it’s cool again.

I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since I went to my senior prom. Seventeen years. Back in the dark ages of no digital cameras.

Here I am, 17-years ago, with my boyfriend Jason.

Our prom was at the Ilikai hotel in Waikiki. After standing in line for photos, everyone removed their shoes(!!!) and left them by the entrance to the ballroom. Hysterical! Hundreds of high-heels and dress shoes, as most of us preferred going barefoot and rarely wore shoes anyway.

My friends and I left prom after about an hour. Everyone had hotel rooms, and most were stocked with wine coolers… hence the rest of the evening.

We went shopping in Waikiki, and ran up and down the beach under a nearly-full moon.

After a few wine coolers, I needed to be put to bed.

And you know, I never did find my shoes.


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