Sunshine, finally, and I’m pissed!

Yesterday was beautiful. Gorgeous sunshine beaming through the windows of the restaurant, and I was ready to take on the world.

As it became more and more heated in the dining room, a few customers asked if we could turn up the air-conditioning. I went to check the thermostat. It said it was 85 degrees INDOORS, yet it was set for 69.

Our A/C obviously wasn’t working.

We called the original installers, who asked when was the last time we did our monthly maintenance on the unit.

We were never told about monthly maintenance. Mind you, we bought two brand new units when we remodeled, and the installation was the largest ticket item on the whole job.

Whitey got up on the roof, and the installer began to talk him through removing the panels using tools that he was unfamiliar with (and had purchased at the hardware store just for the job).

Turns out that it had nothing to do with “monthly maintenance”, but that the electrical wires were fried.

Burnt. Melted. As in, fire.

What the hell?!? The guy on the phone told Whitey to splice them together and bind them with electrical tape.

Whitey did the temporary fix of the wires while I prayed that he wouldn’t electrocute himself on the roof, and the unit began to work again.

I’m pissed. A 6-month-old A/C unit that needs to be fixed with tape?

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2 Responses to Sunshine, finally, and I’m pissed!

  1. Tom says:

    Yikes! Please get that checked out by a competent professional immediately. There is no reason your electrical supply wires should over heat and melt. Heating comes from too much current running through the conductors. A proper circuit breaker is supposed to protect the wires/conductors from damage and potentially starting a structure fire.

    Splicing and wrapping with electrical tape is not the proper repair.

    I may be wrong, but I hate to lose my favorite pizza joint in town.

  2. Keith says:

    Have that HVAC contractor out there ASAP and don’t let Whitey touch it. It sounds like thet screwed up and I’d be all over them like stink on sh!t.

    Wouldn’t a professional HVAC contractor say Hmmmmmmm, fried wires….let ME come out there and take a look, something is obviously wrong.

    Like Tom said, don’t want to lose my favorite eastern Oregon pizza joint 😉

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