I’m Walking on Sunshine…

The last two sunny days, we were D.E.A.D. to the world until the sun began to go down. I completely understand it, though. I wouldn’t have been indoors if I didn’t have to be. We then had a week of spitting clouds and steady business.

Today, Baker City boasted 65+ degrees, blue-skies, and everyone was out and about. My folks are in town, and this afternoon my mom surprised me with a pedicure at a local salon. Afterwards, they got some yard work done while I

Took A Nap.

Yes, an hour of sleep in the middle of the day. The dogs slept on the floor next to me, and I fell asleep and woke up to their snoring. I hope that I come back in another life as one of my dogs.

The gal that was to work tonight called in sick, so one of our day gals covered for her (working a double) so that I could spend the evening with my folks.

I worked the dinner rush, and we were busy! I was so thankful to be running around, bussing tables, taking orders, and making salads for a solid two hours. At 7:40, I left to meet Whitey and to be able to meet my folks at Barley’s for dinner. After dinner, we went to the restaurant to do the final deposits and run all of the reports — and the place looked great. Very clean, and ready for tomorrow.

We’ve got a crazy day planned tomorrow – a birthday party for a 5-year-old, then the fire trucks picking them up 45 minutes later. This, plus two large lunch orders on top of the high-school lunch and our regular lunch crowd. I’m working for MIL, and I’m excited to be so busy right off the bat!

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