Fuming Mad

I created a website almost 10 years ago for my family’s vacation home in Bend, Oregon. I spent hours teaching myself how to design it, upload photos, even writing the copy.

I was proud of the restaurant reviews that I listed, and it helped the site jump in search rankings.

A couple of years ago, I noticed that a Bend real estate company copied my reviews on their site (I won’t link to them for obvious reasons, but it was Bend-Sty-Uhl Real Estate), yet adding their names as the author of the reviews. I was furious, and ended up sending them an email telling them that plagiarism was not-so-stylish. Eventually, they changed the reviews and went along their merry, house-selling way.

Now, I find a site that copied our site WORD FOR FREAKING WORD, and not just the restaurants, but the golf reviews as well! Hours and hours of research to put it all in a comprehensive page, and this numbskull just rips it all off.

I am officially fuming mad.

My site: www.BendVacationRental.net
Numbskull site: http://www.BendVacationRental dot org

What should I do (besides flood his email with spam)?

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4 Responses to Fuming Mad

  1. Jake says:

    You have every right to be mad. But that is how some people work, they let everyone else do the hard work and they get all the praise.

  2. Bob says:

    It is my understanding that copywright law says that pretty much anything you write or create that is unique is automatically copywrighted whether you register it with the PTO or not. You could certainly make threatening noises to them about infringement. In real life it would be pretty hard to actually collect any damages, but sometimes threat works. Bob

  3. gottabkd says:

    Mostly if you ask them politely letting them know about copywrite laws they usually take your stuff down. Ask them to credit YOU as the author and leave a coment stating that. I have had success with that several times.
    You could do a look up in Whois and find out who they are. Ask them to remove your copied pages and if that doesn’t work send them threatening letters about copywrite. If that doesn’t work, then write their ISP and tell them they are stealing your content. ISP’s don’t like that.
    You should also search the WP forums as they have good information about how to deal with these types of splog sites.
    Here is one going on in the forums right now: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=26683&replies=13
    But there are more as well.
    Good luck 😉

  4. Live on the Fly says:

    Those SOB’s! How do they freakin’ sleep at night. Oh, yeah, peacefully – cause they didn’t do one original thing all day!

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