Back in Bend, Day 2

Needless to say, I slept in on Wednesday. I met my friend Shannon at Anthony’s Homeport for lunch. I’ve been craving their Hawaiian Nachos (ahi poke on taro chips) and fish tacos. Shannon’s cioppino and salad looked even better.

It was so cool to not have to share her with other people, and to have lunch all by ourselves.

Afterwards, I did some walking & shopping at the Old Mill, and then went to the Bend Brewing Company to meet my friends for yet another lunch. The food was ehhhhhh. Wellman pushed his food around on his plate, Trevor said his curry was bland, Nicole refused to eat her grilled fish tacos (which looked like dried, shredded cuttlefish), and my calamari was so overdone it crackled like pork skins when you bit into them. No bueno.

The beer, on the other hand, was fantastic. Nitro Irish Stout and Nitro Brown Ale. I love beer with no bubbles. You can drink it like water. 🙂

My former Bend neighbor, Rob, was working at the BBC and sat with us for awhile. He gave me the run-down on my old house, and it was a sad story. The grandiose plans that the buyer had fell through when the market turned. The house was rented to 6 people for a short time (it’s a 2-bedroom house) and he said that the home became a nightmare. The lawn was crunchy, the paint peeled, and they basically ransacked the place. I apologized profusely, to which he shook his head, saying it wasn’t my fault. I know this, but I still feel terrible about it. It’s now the eye-sore of the neighborhood, sitting empty and ugly, with it’s FOR SALE sign sadly hanging in the front yard. It’s priced at $100,000 less than I sold it for, although I think that it’s worth even less now that it’s half-demolished and all of the old trees are gone. Makes me sad sad sad.

Rob mentioned that he had been over to Baker City a few times, and was looking into buying a place here. It would be so cool to have him as a neighbor again. We’d immediately have to start planning our 4th of July parties.

We all left the BBC with everyone heading to Sidelines, and me heading to the blogger meet-up at The Summit Saloon & Stage. I arrived a few minutes late (Hawaiian time!) and the majority of people were already there.

Yee HAW – I got to sit next to Lyle. I arrived excitable and bubbly, and probably frightened him right off the bat. Simmer, girl, simmer. Anyhoo, we talked for awhile about random things and he pushed a plate of cold nachos at me. No way – I was going to order something else for dinner! I still was craving a good pulled pork sandwich, and lo-and-behold there was one on the menu. I ordered a cold beer and my food, and got to talking.

Dave (wearing a very cool/nerdy t-shirt with the BLOGGER logo) was there with his wife, sitting at the end of the table chatting with Jon, (who writes Hack Bend, Chuggnutt, and The Brew Site) and Simone. I finally got to meet Monkey, who is much quieter in real life than he is on his blog. BORis was there, too, and he’d invited a tres-chic couple who had moved to Bend from LA. Brian finally showed up, and Shannon moved over to sit closer to us. We all got along famously.

We all talked for about an hour, about blogging, real-life, Baker, food, etc. I really didn’t like my sandwich, and tried to share it with other people. It wasn’t happening. The waitress was good about asking if anything was wrong, and I told her it just didn’t agree with me.

Chris and Lyle took off, and slowly the rest of the group began to dissipate. Simone, Jon, Sherri & I walked out together, and somehow ended up at the Astro Lounge. We yakked a bit more, then I finally headed back to the Cottage to get ready for my last full day in Bend.

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3 Responses to Back in Bend, Day 2

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    I didn’t realize my blog was so loud. 😉

  2. Missy says:

    Baldy’s baby. The only place in town for a decent pulled pork BBQ sandwich.

    Wish I could have met you while you were here – what a huge bummer. Stupid stomach flu.

  3. Jake says:

    Wish I could’ve seen ya 😦

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