Landlines + Telemarketers

I’m about ready to get rid of our landline telephone.

We used to both have just cell phones, but after moving to Baker City, we felt we only needed one phone number. It was hell after we got the number, though, because it was listed in the phone book under “Stockman’s Bar”. We’d get the craziest phone calls after midnight….

Anyway, today I about lost it on a telemarketer. Instead, I took the sympathy route.

I had already received five (yes, FIVE) phone calls from telemarketers this morning:

1) A long-distance company, a survey company asking questions about who I voted for and other very personal questions about my race/religion/income

2) A bill-collector looking for MarGuhReeteUh (to which I replied, “Sure, I’d LOVE a margarita!”)

3) Someone calling on behalf of Barack Obama to be sure that I sent in my ballot

4) A local woman calling on behalf of the Baker County Democrats to see if I had voted

5) Robert, from a magazine called Ski to Surf or something like that to talk about advertising for the vacation rentals

By the time the 6th telemarketer called, I feigned exhaustion.

“Please help me,” I said. “I work graveyard shifts and you’re the sixth telemarketer to call me while I’m trying to sleep. What do you suggest I do to get people to stop calling me?

She said to go online to – I explained that I already was signed-up on that site, and I still was receiving a barrage of phone calls.

She said, “I know – I signed up on the Do Not Call list, too, and I get so many phone calls. It doesn’t work. The only way to get ‘them’ to stop is to get rid of your phone and just use a cell.”

No kidding. This advice was from a TELEMARKETER!

I really think it might be a good idea.

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2 Responses to Landlines + Telemarketers

  1. Jen says:

    The political groups aren’t part of the “Do Not Call” rule, so they will call you anyways. So are non-profits. But when they call you, be sure to tell them you DON’T want them to. 🙂

    As for the other buggers, get their name and address first. Next tell them you are registered with DNC and time how quickly they will hang up on you. Then go to the DNC website and file a complaint.


  2. Deltasierra says:

    Non-profits, charities, and “prior/current business relationships” (i.e. your credit card company, phone company, etc. – anyone you have done or are doing business with) are exempt from the DNC list.

    However, they are required by law to take you off their list if you ask them to. You have to stay on the line and ask them to physically remove the number, because if you just say “don’t call anymore” and hang up, they can’t remove your number from whatever automated dialer they are using. The number disappears.

    They claim it takes more than 24 hours (or a few days) to clear the system, so remind them when they call that you’ve asked to be taken off their list and they shouldn’t be calling you anymore. I think three reminders is the limit before you can take action against them (not that it’s really worth it, but it builds a fire under their butts).

    Some guy wrote a book and made a career out of attacking telemarketing companies by holding them to the law. It’s actually kind of amazing what they get away with because so few people are aware of the extent of the laws and their privacy rights. If more people knew and held telemarketing companies to the law, I bet there would be fewer phone interruptions by a large percentage!

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