Key Lime Cake

I had two hours off on Tuesday and went home to satisfy my baking needs.

Key Lime Cake.

I found the recipe online, and doctored it a bit (of course) by adding yogurt to the cake and making a homemade frosting with cream cheese, powdered sugar, key limes, and champagne.

I’m not gonna lie — it was amazing. Sooooo moist, with a sweet, citrus flavor that was so unexpected and yummy!

I brought it to work and shared it with our crew. Jon loved that it matched his prom outfit, and now wants a work shirt in this color as well.

Lime green. Should be interesting.

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9 Responses to Key Lime Cake

  1. Adrienne says:

    OMG! That sounds and looks insanely yummy! You must share the/your recipe. Puhleeze!

  2. MIL says:

    I ate the whole piece at one sitting!

  3. the Kina from Portland says:

    … yum, I want the recipe too…!! I LOVE the color!

  4. Kasey G. says:

    MMMM – that looks absolutely delicious :0)

  5. Missy says:

    Friggin’ yum. I don’t miss living in SoCal much at all, but I do miss the trees we had – a key lime tree was my second favorite, right after my avocado tree.

  6. paperseed says:

    Omg that is one crazy looking cake! Love the bright green color. 🙂

  7. theminkz says:

    I need that recipe! Oh my yum 🙂

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  9. Anita says:

    Interested in the recipe this looks just like what I want to make signed Baker

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