Foot Flush

I love gadgets, and the Foot Flush is no exception.

I was sent one of these contraptions as a part of a marketing company that I’m a still a part of, to get feedback on their invention. I’ve only had positive remarks to send back to the company.

Hands-Free flushing. When we have guests in our home who use the bathroom, they always comment on how cool this little gizmo is and want to know where to get one.

You can buy them online for $19.95 plus shipping, but today… they’re


You have to pay the shipping fee of $9.95, though, so they’re not really free… but they’re worth the price of shipping for sure.

Go here – and during the checkout process be sure to check the box that says “FREE WEEKEND”.

They’re only offering this sale TODAY, so don’t dawdle.



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One Response to Foot Flush

  1. Adrienne says:

    Brilliant! Just ordered mine. Kellen will certainly get a kick out of this.

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