“Passing on the Pain”

The Bulletin features an article today on how the rising prices of food are affecting Bend’s local restaurants. While I’ve been griping about the cost of flour and cheese, I had no idea that the cost of eggs, coffee, and shortening has doubled and tripled in the past few months (we don’t use these items in large quantities). The restaurants featured in the article have no choice but to raise their prices.

One of the restaurant owners, Ray Montoya of Sweetheart Donuts, was quoted as saying:

“For the last six months, I’ve been losing income.”

Try to imagine that for a moment.

If a retail salesperson, car mechanic, waitress, truck driver or graphic designer were to lose income for six straight months, they’d most likely find another job.

Business owners can’t do that. We have to adjust, tweak, and work with these price hikes and income losses… or lose the business.

As a novice business owner, I feel as if we’ve been thrown into a very intense lesson, and our final exam is coming up in a few months — when the slow season (Winter) hits again.



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