Above average Hurricane season

Experts are predicting an above-average storm season this year.

Hurricanes scare me.

When I was very young I experienced my first hurricane. It was a Category 4, and caused mass flash-flooding. Water rose quite a few feet under our small house that was lifted on short stilts. I remember one of our neighbors drove his motorboat to our house on his way out of town, telling us to leave with them.

We stayed.

Mom had me lying under their bed, eating cold Pop Tarts, scared to death. A corrugated tin roof was ripped off of a neighbor’s house, and flew around the neighborhood making this awful WHOOMP WHOOMP sound until finally embedding itself into the house next-door. My dad ran out into the storm to help, and I remember my mom flipping out that he was going to get his head sliced off. When the storm began to subside, mom let me look out the bathroom window to the back yard, where her car was covered in water. I wanted so badly to go outside and swim in our new “pool”.

Hurricane Iwa hit in 1982. We were living in an apartment townhouse in Kailua, and we felt pretty safe from the storm. The winds whipped the roofing material and gravel into our huge, glass window on the ceiling, and we were sure it was going to shatter. The sliding glass doors bowed and strained against the winds as debris flew by our fourth-story balcony. We huddled in the hallway near the bathroom with our birds (a large scarlett macaw and a cockatoo), and I (again) remember eating Pop Tarts. They must have been mom’s favorite food to stockpile…

The names of potential hurricanes this season have been released.

2008 Atlantic Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Names


I know for a fact which of them will have the most impact… 🙂

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    One Response to Above average Hurricane season

    1. Jen Jen says:

      I remember Iwa also!! I remember it started to flood in our front yard and we were worried about the water getting into the house. My Dad went and opened the manhole so it wouldn’t flood our house. I remember worrying about my grandfather because he worked for HECO and had to help get the power back on. I remember listening to the radio and hearing people talk about small landslides in Lanikai. I remember my Mom being scared and all 5 of us had to pile in their bed for the night with the radio and flashlights. A day or two later the power was still out so we had to walk to my grandparents house and try and eat all the sherbert in the freezer so it wouldn’t be wasted. Funny how you remember things like that!!!

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