Size Matters

The other morning, a door-to-door guy placed an advertisement on our doorknob boasting a special for a local franchise of a national pizzeria chain.

Buy three 10″ pizzas for $4 a piece.

Ten Inches?

When I went to work that afternoon, I asked Whitey to make me a 10″ pizza. We had to take one of our Stromboli doughs and cut it in half to make a dough ball tiny enough to create a pizza that small. Let’s take a look at a 10″ pizza, shall we?

Here’s what a slice from a 10″ pizza looks like on one of our smallest pizza pans:

It’s barely two bites!

A entire 10″ pizza can almost be hidden under just one of our slices (Sweet Thai Chicken modeled below).


Look at how cute it is! Itty bitty lil’ guy.

Cheese! 🙂

Our foot-long slices are $2.75 – $3.50, depending on the toppings. Maybe we should offer a 10″ $4 pizza. We could serve less and charge more! Hmmmm….




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One Response to Size Matters

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    Great post. I think you can see that most people probably have no idea of what a deal they are getting from you. If you could run some sort of advertisement with this info, you’d not only educate the public, but rack up the sales.

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