No Smoking

Currently, Baker City has only a few options for non-smoking eateries after dark, and by “eateries”, I mean a place where you can get a drink as well.

Our restaurant offers beer and wine, but we’re only open until 10pm on the weekends and we don’t offer a separate bar area. Barley Brown’s is non-smoking, has a full bar, and is open until (I believe) 11pm on the weekends. But if you’re looking for a drink after 11 o’clock?

The Stockman’s
The Main Event
The Brew n’ Stein
Sonny’s / Sunridge Inn
The Idle Hour
Fong’s / Rising Sun Palace
The Geiser Grand
The Elks (membership req.)
VFW (membership req.)

All of these places stay open late, but they are all smoking establishments.

The owner of one of these places listed above recently informed me that they were going to change their policy on allowing smoking in their bar. As of July 1, their place is going to be smoke-free.

I love this. On those rare occasions that we venture out with friends, I always end up with stinky hair, smelly clothes, and a sore throat the next day. It’s like a “smoke-hangover” – my eyes itch and I can’t swallow.

State law will require every eatery / bar to be non-smoking as of January 1, 2009. Whitey (who is also a non-smoker) argues that he feels it should be up to the establishment to make this rule; that people can choose to eat/drink there or not. I, on the other hand, feel that no one should be subject to second-hand smoke. Imagine if the only job you could find were at a smoking establishment; would you choose to put up with the smoke or stay unemployed?

Either way, I’m pretty jazzed that we’ll have a late-night venue to patronize on those rare nights that we can stay out late with friends.

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2 Responses to No Smoking

  1. I work with some “Old School Nurses” who remembered smoning in the nurses stations. The patients even smoked in their rooms..with oxygen running! I can’t imagine…

  2. Tom says:

    Its gotta be the Geiser Grand lounge. We would patronize it a LOT more if it was non-smoking. I agree with you Kina, you should be able to go into a business that is open to the general public and not endanger your health (and stink afterwards). Hooray!

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