Congrats, Barley’s!!!

Man oh MAN! Our local brewpub, Barley Brown’s, took off with TEN awards in the recent North American Brewer’s Association competition. Way to go!

A rundown:

Pale Ales: Silver Medal for Jubilee Golden Ale
American Pale Ale: Gold Medal for Tumble Off Pale Ale
American-style India Pale Ale: Bronze Medal for their W.F.O. I.P.A.
Double/Imperial India Pale Ale: Silver Medal for their I.P.A. 10
American Stout: Gold Medal for Chaos and a Bronze Medal for their Turmoil
American Wheat: Bronze Medal for their Coyote Peak Wheat and another Gold Medal under a subcategory
Flavored Beers: Gold Medal for their Hot Blonde
Chili Beer: Silver Medal for Hot Blonde

I’m a huge fan of their Chaos and Turmoil stout beers – and only recently have partied with the Hot Blonde, which is brewed with jalapeno peppers. This beer is a knock-out, with fresh, green spice lingering in your mouth for long after the beer is gone. You know how spicy foods make you want to drink cold beer? This is both.

It’s a catch-22 —

“Man, that’s spicy, I need a cold beer.”


Congrats Barley’s, on being awarded medals for what everyone around here already knows — you make awesome beer.

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