Delivering Drunks Home

A customer recently let me know that he was pretty stoked that we are now delivering…. as he lives less than a block away from our restaurant.



He figures that if he gets too drunk downtown, he’ll order a pizza from us to be delivered to the bar he’s at, and then he’ll offer a tip to the delivery driver to catch a ride home.

It’ll be cheaper than paying the new higher rate for our local taxi service (which is now $8 bucks for one person from point A to point B within city limits).

Hey… it’s one way to get the downtown patrons to visit the Westside, yo.

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2 Responses to Delivering Drunks Home

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    Full disclosure always makes these plans sound a little less devious as long as he’s not too drunk and hurls on the other pizzas in the delivery van.

  2. I think that was the plot of a Domino’s commercial!

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