Free Tacos from Fast Food


So, here’s the deal. Take a gas station receipt to Jack In the Box and they’ll give you two free tacos. They’re doing it as a marketing ploy (of course) so that news stations and blogs (such as this one) will post on it.

I wonder how the gas stations next-door to these fast-food establishments feel about this promotion.

“I’ll take $1 in gas, please, and I’ll need a receipt.”

I vaguely remember a JITB commercial advertising 2 tacos for 99-cents. My guess is that the marketing team for JITB is venturing that more than half of the people taking part in this offer will pay for a drink as well (at approximately $1.25 with a food cost of twenty-cents), thereby paying for the “free” tacos which probably have a food cost of twenty-cents, thereby still making a minor profit.


I need to think about this a bit more… maybe over a couple of tacos.

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One Response to Free Tacos from Fast Food

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    Ha ha. Seriously, the price of gas is high and food prices keep going up, yet certain fast food joints still have mega cheap prices. What gives? Does “this food” they serve not require shipping, or is unaffected by rising costs?

    The irony is most people sitting in the drive-thru to get the free tacos are probably going to waste more of the $1 (they save on the tacos) on gas while idling.

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