Organic Athletes

The Elkhorn Cycling Classic was held this past weekend here in Baker City, and it was a busy busy busy time for us.

Thank goodness.

The race brought tons of visitors to our area (thousands? Hmmm, maybe) and local businesses benefitted from this in a huge way. The hotels were full. Downtown was hopping. Restaurants were consistently busy.

Sami had approached me about housing some of the Organic Athlete team, and I wisely steered her to my MIL, who was more than happy to open her home to the wayward cyclists. They arrived on Thursday afternoon, with a van packed with gear and produce.

Attack of the vegans!

This group eats nothing but natural, earth-grown foods. No meat. No seafood. No dairy. No eggs.

“What do you eat during training,” I asked one of the team members.

He smiled and replied, “Mangoes.”


I felt like I needed to force-feed these super-skinny people, but what would they eat?

AHA! Paizano’s to the rescue!

Gluten-free pizzas, topped with casein-free soy cheese and fresh vegetables!

YUM! Now, I know that you’re thinking “yum?!?? no WAY!” but I’m telling you, these are delicious pies. We went through almost a dozen homemade crusts this past weekend. It takes me about 90-minutes to prepare 8 crusts, so this is no easy feat. Everyone loved their pizzas, though, so it made all of the extra time after-hours worth it. A group of them came in on Monday afternoon to get a couple of pies to take home to Arizona/California as well. Nice.

And thanks to our local cyclists, we made the paper about our gluten-free pies! That’s the first free advertising we’ve had, so we were pretty happy about it. Thanks, Brian & Corrine Vegter!

PLUG: See Brian’s art this weekend “The Art of Northwest Crossing” at Healthy Paws in Bend, OR
June 27th-28th
5 PM – 8 PM Fri
1 PM – 5 PM Sat

All in all, a great weekend. Delivery is going great, business is steady, and we’re learning more every day.

We’re pretty thankful.

Thank you, Team Organic Athlete! We enjoyed having you here and hope to see all of you next year!!!


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