Walk a mile…

Delivery drivers don’t have an easy job.

I should know.

I’ve been delivering for over a week now, and I have anecdotes that would bug your eyes out.

Tonight, I couldn’t keep up with our delivery orders, and at one point almost started crying. Our “ovens” guy yelled at me that he had already called for back-up, and minutes later another employee showed up asking for direction.

Thank God.

Make a salad! Go online and get directions for that next delivery (they said it’s near the fxotewpqm Ranch – FIND IT!!!!!)! Wash some silverware! Slice some tomatoes SUPER THIN for that pie! Stock my delivery bag (parm, peppers, napkins, plates) and grab a few 2-liters for the van! go Go GO!!!!!!

Wednesday night, and we did as much business as we usually do on a Friday or Saturday night — WHEN WE FIRST OPENED! It was crazy busy.


Just like us, when we decided to open a pizzeria.

Whitey and I got to work at 8 a.m. this morning, and just got home tonight at midnight. I’m so tired, I can barely spell these words correctly, let alone tell you how many hours that is that we’ve worked today. It’s a silly kind of tired.


Like opening a restaurant. 

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