Illegal Legalities

It’s illegal for our 16-year-old employee to run the mixer. He’s one of the most responsible young men I’ve ever met. He works on his family’s farm – birthing lambs, cows, pitching hay, working the land.

Yet, he cannot press the little green button on our mixer to make dough. It’s too dangerous, according to the law.

Another of our employees is not allowed to drive our delivery van. He has never had a speeding ticket, and truly drives like a paranoid grandma with her great-grandkids perched on the hood. I’ve been in a car with him and straight-up asked him to find the gas pedal. He’s not allowed to deliver our pizzas, though, because he is a HE and is 18-years-old.

Ageism and Sexism at its finest, folks, and all of this is legal.

I can’t advertise a job-opening for a delivery driver, asking for someone “Over 28-years-old, & married” — I’d be sued. However, I can’t hire anyone under 28 and single because our insurance company would either drop us as a client or charge us an additional $650 a year.

Insurance is legalized gambling which condones sex and age discrimination.

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3 Responses to Illegal Legalities

  1. Missy says:

    Wanted: Mature, settled part-time pizza delivery driver.

    When I delivered pizzas, I used my own vehicle and had to have my own insurance. Does Oregon state law not allow that?

  2. KeenEye says:

    Ahhhh – yes and no. Only large corporations are allowed to hire “independent contractors” to deliver food in their personal vehicles. If the employee’s personal insurance won’t cover any incurred damages, the corporate’s national mega-insurance can.

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