Senator Ben Westlund

Senator Ben Westlund will be having lunch at our restaurant tomorrow (at noon – join us!), thanks to our friend, Chuck. Our kitchen crew has been debating all night about what he’ll order; pizza, stromboli, or roasted garlic n’ gorgonzola. There’s no way he’ll order the roasted garlic… can you imagine how gnarly he’d smell on the plane an hour later? No bueno. 🙂

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow.

(photo swiped from Ben’s site – and chosen because the Senator is walking in front of Duncan’s shop)

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3 Responses to Senator Ben Westlund

  1. Duncan McGeary says:

    And there he is in front of my store.

  2. Duncan McGeary says:

    Whoops. I didn’t read to the end.

    He didn’t come in.

  3. nancy/ mom says:

    How cool,I have been out to the Westlunds home and it is as unique as his family is.Ben’s wife Libby comes into our store [Redeux} often to shop or just visit and is always a breath of fresh air.Say hello for us here in the store and wish him well.

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