Too Fat to Die

This guy monster rapes, then murders two young women. He’s sentenced to death.

Now, he is petitioning that he’s overweight, and can’t be injected with the lethal cocktail to follow through with his sentence.

From Yahoo News:

How nice that he’s given medication for his migraines – before he’s put to death. We’d better be sure he’s in good health and feeling “up to” being executed.


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2 Responses to Too Fat to Die

  1. Jane Redd says:

    Lethal injection my ass!!! Way to kind for a piece of s–t like him. Lets do it the old fashioned way and hang him by his big fat neck until
    his eyes bug out of his fat head.This would also take care of this headache proublem .

  2. dave says:

    Too heavy eh? They ought to place him on bread and water until he slims down…

    About Jane’s comment about hanging this clown – The art of ‘hanging’ had to be done just right for a good clean snap. I read once that a fat prisoner was hanged and his head came off – not the clean snap desired.

    The other option here is to put a TV in his cell and feed him potato chips and ice cream. He will eat himself to death.

    Dave in Lake Havasu

    PS coming up to John Day for the month of Sept. Will drop by for a pizza and brewski.

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