Dear Brett Favre…

I’ve told you once…

I’ve told you twice…

and now?

I’ve taken your photo down from the front reception area of our restaurant and REPLACED IT with A-Rod. Aaron Rodgers is my new QB…… and you?

YOU have crushed my heart.

Whitey agreed, and (BOH!) understood when I explained, years ago, my fascination and awe for you. The night before we married, he agreed that if for some strange reason you showed up on our doorstep, wanting me (and I can’t blame you) that Whitey would (sadly, of course) allow me to pro-create with you.


The NY Jets? Are you freaking kidding me?

I love you.
I hate you.

And I’m now not-so-sure I’d like to have your children.


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2 Responses to Dear Brett Favre…

  1. Kina in Portland says:

    …I came here first because I KNEW you’d have something to say about our Brett…

    I agree. Come on. Really??? Pffff.

    😉 Have a fabulous Thursday!!

    XXO The Other Kina

  2. whitedoyle says:

    Butt I bet he still looks good in those Wrangler jeans!

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