Turning the tables on our Vendors

We received a letter from one of our vendors announcing that they were having to raise prices (for the second time in 6-months). It also forewarned of another price hike to come 4-months, after the new year.

We’ve seen letters like this from the brokers of our chicken, beef, pork, flour, cheese, beverages, chemicals… each of which talk of the price of fuel, or the rising costs of their production.

Whitey had the great idea of posting a letter on our back loading door for our vendors that reads:

Dear Valued Vendor:

Due to the rising costs of the product you are delivering, we regret to inform you that as of September 1, 2008, we will be charging anyone who props open our doors and thereby wastes the air-conditioning that we are paying for, or anyone who must open and close our walk-in refrigerator or freezer a “Fuel Surcharge”.

We will continue to pay our invoices upon receipt, less this necessary “Fuel Surcharge”.

Thank you for your understanding.

Team Paizano’s

I’m posting it tomorrow. I hope that our vendors understand the humor behind it, and don’t just drive off to their next stop.

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2 Responses to Turning the tables on our Vendors

  1. Adrienne says:

    Can you hear the cheering and applause right now??? That’s AWESOME! Can’t wait to hear the responses.

  2. Tom says:

    Love the irony. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vendors who are humor impaired will just leave the deliveries outside the back door on the ground.

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