Bummed about BlueFish Bistro

I just read that the Blue Fish Bistro in Bend closed on Saturday.

They had THE best halibut I’ve ever had in my life. And those Ahi Firecrackers were so flippin’ good. I’m pretty bummed. We have the chance for just one meal when we visit Bend in a couple of weeks, and I was really looking forward to dining there again.

I guess they can’t keep their doors open waiting on once-a-year diners like me.

The entire article in The Bulletin focused on up-scale dining disappearing, and franchises (such as Subway and the Pita Pit) opening in Bend’s downtown. At $2.50 a sq.ft for lease, I can understand it.

The face of downtown Bend is definitely changing. High-end hotels, franchise restaurants, a new exclusive club…

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One Response to Bummed about BlueFish Bistro

  1. Sherri says:

    I had no clue that Bluefish was closed…I even walked by there on Monday when I went to the Pita Pit.

    As a downtown worker, I’ll be glad to get quicker options around here.

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