A blue Jeep was in front of me at the stoplight. The top was off, and the two boys were manning the controls with a teenage brunette in the backseat. We both turned right on 10th Street, and moments later, the front-seated passenger threw his right arm in the air, tossing out a long string of blood-red paper.

Turns out that it was a string of firecrackers, and it bounced off the hood of my bitchin’ pizza delivery mini-van, then slid down underneath me while POPPOPPP POPPOPPPINGenough to scare the beejeezus out of me. The (stereotypical) lil’ ol’ lady behind me about lost it when it was her turn; she swereved into a curb and then (thankfully) turned back into the main highway.

I called the Sheriff’s Dispatch when I got back to the restaurant, if only to have these trouble-makers pulled over and scared straight. They seriously could cause a major car wreck with these antics…

An hour later I was on another delivery when I saw their Jeep parked in front of York’s (a local grocery/convenience store here in Baker City), and the same kids were sitting outside, eating and smoking.

Sweet. I made sure to show them my longest finger when I drove by. I even got a good look at them and can’t WAIT until they show up at Paizano’s with their parents some day. That will be an interesting introduction.

“Oh, so you drive that blue Jeep with the license plate ULC 4** ??? WOW! Have I got a story for YOU!” 🙂

Boh. Tomorrow is a new day.

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2 Responses to pop Pop POP POPPOPOPPOPOP

  1. dave says:


    Off the subject, but I thought this would interest you http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/08/laser-pizza-cut.html

    Dave in Havasu

  2. monkeyinabox says:

    Pretty soon the locals are going to know better than to mess with “the pizza lady with the blog”. Of course if they knew you had a blog then maybe they’d behave better.

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