Bad Checks… again

MIL asked me if we accepted local checks with an out-of-state ID.

Yes, we do.

She was giving me “the eye” as she asked, and said that she just didn’t feel right about taking this person’s personal check.

However what we do for one, we do for all, so we took his check.

This family proceeded to eat over $55 dollars in pizza, appetizers, and drinks. They then decided to have desserts, and wrote another check for over $15 for mud pie, spumoni icecream, and some cheesecake slices.

Sure enough, the checks bounced. NSF.

I called their home and was told by his wife that “He’s in jail.”

Gee, I wonder he’s in for?

How dare he? To knowingly STEAL from local businesses by writing bad checks is on par with shoplifting or burglary.

We’ve all heard of having to “wash dishes” when you can’t pay the bill at a restaurant — why not release this guy during the day, and have him wash our dishes, pick up trash in our parking lot, paint the trim, hang our Christmas lights, WORK off his debt? He owes me $70 – I want 8.75 hours of manual labor.

Instead, he’s in jail, getting three hot meals a day that he doesn’t have to write bad checks for. Free food. A clean bed, fresh water, OH and look! Meatloaf on Thursdays! YUM!

We’ve received quite a few bad checks recently. One from a construction company, one from an in-home pre-school, and one from a cop (yes, an officer of the law). It amazes me that I have to write a letter asking them to pay their debt. If I bounced a check, I’d be in that business the next day, profusely apologizing and paying it back.

<<<<< Arghhhhh – venting >>>>>

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5 Responses to Bad Checks… again

  1. Heidi says:

    Holy crap, that’s awful!

  2. monkeyinabox says:

    I think I mentioned it before, but who doesn’t get a debit card that works like a Visa with their checking account these days? Seriously, stop accepting personal checks, no one who’s going to really pay will mind.

  3. Karen says:

    Yeah… Ixnay on the checks. Majority of establishments do not accept checks and I guess you would have to decide if the hassle was worth the small percentage of business paid with checks. Even customers that previously paid with checks would understand. I’m guessing… I never write checks anymore, except for my car registration. What about those check machines that verify that balances are sufficient? Those are probably an arm and a leg to use, but I guess worth the peace of mind if the percentage of sales paid by check is substantial enough.

  4. Jana says:

    I second the no taking checks. There are not too many places here that do anymore. If they do they have a machine that scans it or something and gives it right back to you.

    Still thinking of the Thai pizza–that will be the first I try!

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