We’re not closing.

For the third time this week, I’ve had someone approach me to ask if we’re closing Paizano’s.

The answer is no.

I was at our local T-shirt shop picking out new colors for yet another order of work shirts, when a guy asked me how business is going.

“Busy”, I replied.

“Good”, he responded. “I’ve heard that you were closing.”

He was the third person to say this to me recently, and I couldn’t stand it.

“Who?” I asked. “Who told you that we were closing?”

I could tell that I had put him on the spot, and that he felt uncomfortable telling me a name. I quickly put him at ease by saying “Oh nevermind. It’s not true, and we’ve never come close to even thinking about closing. Bah – small town gossip.”

In the last month, we’ve had nothing but fantastic response from nearly everyone who has come in.

For examples…

We had a customer who had been thinking about moving to Baker, but had decided that he couldn’t move somewhere without a good NY pizza place. On his last day in town, someone finally told him about us and he came in for lunch. He then stayed an extra day and came in again for lunch with a pile of real estate papers; he had decided that he could move here — our pie was THAT good. 🙂 A few days later, his wife drove to Baker to visit the area and have lunch yet again at our place. She agreed; as long as we were in the neighborhood, they’d retire here. Just doing our part for Economic Development….

Today we had a couple that used to own a restaurant on the Oregon Coast. He quizzed me on our dough recipe, asked about our cheese and toppings. He finally admitted that it was some of the best pizza he’d ever had. He apologized for not trying us out months ago, and said that he and his wife would now be regulars. He even said that our prices were TOO LOW and that our slices were TOO BIG (with a laugh).

We did over 24 hot sub sandwiches today – for three different deliveries. Our hot sandwiches are unbelivably good, and all of the deliveries were to repeat customers. One was for a lunch meeting; she had told her co-workers that our subs were the best she’d had, and so she convinced everyone to order from us. Later, she called to tell me that she had changed her mind… the Italian Hoagie was no longer her favorite. She had swapped half of her sub with a friend who was having the Swiss Turkey and that it was the best turkey sandwich she’d ever had. Ever. Had.

Last week we had a phone call from a former Baker resident asking us to OVERNIGHT a frozen pizza to her – she misses our Chicken Cordon Blue pie.

We have about a hundred regulars that frequent our place at least once a week, with more and more newbies finally venturing in.

We’re coming up on our 1-year anniversary of opening this place. This year has flown by, and we’ve only gotten busier and better since day one. I couldn’t be more proud of our crew, our food, and what we’ve accomplished so far.

So no, we’re not closing. Far from it. We’re looking to open a second location downtown.




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6 Responses to We’re not closing.

  1. Jen says:

    I was gonna ask if the new downtown location was across from Domino’s. 🙂

  2. Dave Goodman says:

    I just know you had to have extracted the source of the rumor from *somebody*. So who was it? You can email me. 🙂

  3. MIL says:

    You scared the stuffing out of me!!!

  4. Zac says:

    Yes you did! I was a little puzzled…

    But-you could always buy a small pub/public house and bring micro-beer/food pairing/phenomenal service to Baker.

    I am so glad you guys are doing so good-Its is weird what a small world it is and how things work out sometimes…

  5. monkeyinabox says:

    Fess up, you are always running those going out of business pizza sales! I know those are the rage these days! Forget mattresses, it’s pizzas.

  6. Missy says:

    If you open a second location, you damn well better do it in Bend, woman! So glad that things are going so well! xoxo

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