4 Cop Cars and an Ambulance

The authorities were out in full force in our parking lot today. It looked like a crime scene, for certain.

I’m still a bit shook up about it.

Two high-school boys got into a fist-fight in our parking lot, and it ended up being a pretty severe fight. I watched as he slammed the other boy’s head into the asphalt three times, and then began repeatedly hitting him in the face with his fist. It was happening so quickly, and it would take too long to get help from the kitchen. I ran outside, jumped over an overturned patio table, and physically removed the larger of the two. I showed up during the third or fourth face punch, and had to put both of my hands on him to remove him.

I think that the fact that I am a girl made him react differently at first. He backed up as I screamed at him, and he then regained his composure.

He reached for a nearby concrete bucket (which holds a post to string our rope for the patio area) and I yelled at him DON’T YOU DARE! GET OFF MY PROPERTY! DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK HERE!!!

Honestly, I wasn’t scared of him (even though he looked very, very angry and aggressive). I was only scared afterwards, when the adrenaline wore off.

The young man who had his head slammed into the asphalt was groggy, and had a knot on the side of his head the size of a grapefruit. A few customers came outside to try to help after the fact; getting ice for his head, and asking questions of the remaining by-standers. It was obvious that the young man needed medical help, and I immediately called the number for Dispatch.

He was strapped to a stretcher with a neck brace to immobilize him. He was in and out of consciousness, and I assured him that he was going to be alright and to let his parents know to call me if they were angry with him for getting in a fight. He had done nothing wrong.

His mom showed up four hours later at the restaurant. She told me that the officers let her know what I had said, and that she was very thankful that he was still alive. She said that her son doesn’t look so good, and that it will take some time to see what the repercussions will be of his head injury. She was sobbing, thanking me for helping, and telling me how scared she was for her son, and scared for what might have happened had the fight not been stopped. She felt that this other kid was determined to kill her son; that it wasn’t the first time he had attacked him.

She said that the other boy was picked up at school and taken to Juvenile Detention.

I had him trespassed from our property, so if for any reason he is released from custody, he is no longer permitted to eat at our restaurant or even hang out in the parking lot, or risk being arrested again.

We haven’t had any problems until now in the (almost) year that we’ve been open, so this was an eye-opener.

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One Response to 4 Cop Cars and an Ambulance

  1. Missy says:

    Good for you for getting involved, Kina. Too many people wouldn’t have. I hope the boy who was injured will be okay.

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