September update – BUSY!

Our beer delivery guy had mentioned back in August that we would be “dead” after Labor Day.

He was wrong.

We’ve been consistently busy this month, mostly with locals and regulars. Given, we’re off the beaten path, so we don’t get many tourists. Our regulars are becoming more and more regular. We need to implement a loyalty program of some sort. In my spare time, of course.


I hugged a customer a couple weeks ago. She has recently been under alot of unwanted scrutiny and stress, and so when I saw that I was going to be delivering her a pizza, I also brought her a slice of Mud Pie and gave her a hug. She’s been in twice since then to have lunch. Sometimes all it takes is the kindness of a stranger to turn a mood around.


One of our employees left us to go to college. She had been working 5-nights a week, and she did a great job. She worked best when alone, and she smiled constantly, making very few mistakes. We miss her so, SO much. We hired another gal to cover her vacated shifts with this “she’ll never be as good” feeling, and we were wrong. The new gal is doing really great with customers and the computers.


My parents were in town recently. We went to dinner at The Prospector restaurant here in Baker City, and had a really great time. Mom and I had the salmon, Dad had the cannelloni, and Whitey had the tortellini. Dinner was very good, and the atmosphere was comfortable and comforting (small dining room, intimate… but not overly romantic). Four entrees, a $25 bottle of wine, and a beer was around $85 bucks. Seriously. Dinner for four plus drinks, salads, focaccia and dessert? What a deal. If you haven’t eaten there before, get your arse down there.


I’m off to work. Football Sunday – all you can eat slices and giant cheesy bread sticks for only $7.95!

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