Preparing for the Big Day

We’ve got a delivery order for 50 pizzas later this week (pre-paid, of course), and I’m freaking out about the details.

At any given time, we can cook up to 4 Giant pizzas with nothing else in the oven. These are 2-foot diameter pies, and they take awhile to bake. The X-Large pies are 18″ and we can do 8 of these at one time. Our Large pies are 14″, so we can fit about 10 to 12 in the ovens. Rotating the pies, checking the bottoms, and getting them into the boxes and sliced quickly is an art in itself.

We’ve got extra staff coming in to help make and bake the pies, as well as help get them delivered as fast as possible.

Pretty exciting stuff.

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One Response to Preparing for the Big Day

  1. Adrienne says:

    That is exciting! I’m sure it’ll go perfectly : )

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