And on a happy note…

Bah. Those last two blog entries were heavy. I felt that I should write something a bit happier today.

Business is good. Busy. Now that we’re short one full-time employee, Murphy’s Law says that we’ll be busy every day. Tuesday was our busiest day we’ve seen in months, but we got through it without any mistakes or complaints, and verrrrrry few payroll hours. Our newest guy in the kitchen was left alone while Whitey did deliveries and I worked the front. He was frustrated and kept apologizing until I told him that his orders were coming out in perfect time, and that everything looked amazing.

We had a customer on Sunday who decided to do our All-U-Can-Eat special (for only $7.95) while watching the evening NFL game. He was only able to eat one slice and a couple of giant cheesy breadsticks before giving up. He told me that his truck broke down coming back from Boise on his way home to Portland, and that we were the closest place to eat at. He mentioned that he was hesitant; trying a pizzeria in a small town when he’s a “pizza aficionado” and eats at some of the best pizzerias in the state on a regular basis.

He loved his slice. Closing time had come and gone, we we got to talking pizza for a while. It was while I was wiping down the tables that I looked outside and noticed that he was towing the most bitchin Mustang I’d seen a long time.

We all went outside to check it out, and he started her up. BRUMMMMMMbuhbuhbuhbuhBRUUUUUUUM!

530-horsepower, and so stinkin’ loud I kept expecting the cops to show up with a noise complaint. You could feel the engine through the pavement. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to put the pedal to the metal on this vehicle.

He came back the next day to pick up two more slices to take home with him to Portland. He obviously has good taste. 🙂

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One Response to And on a happy note…

  1. Missy says:

    i’m going to need you to fedex a pizza to me soon… yum.

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