The district attorney called me today to ask if I was going to appear in the case against the scumbag who wrote us 2 bad checks.

Not much notice, eh?

I took a lunch delivery, and was able to show up at the courthouse just as Scumbag was brought out in his striped-grey jumpsuit and chains on his ankles.

Turns out, he wrote over 40 bad checks to THIRTEEN local businesses, totalling over $3800!!! Most were restaurants, but the largest hit was taken by our local hardware store; they had over $600 in bad checks from this guy scumbag. The owners of the hardware store sat next to me, and we watched in amazement as he tried to convince the judge that he had expected his Social Security payment to be direct-deposited before he wrote these checks.

Three-thousand dollars?

The judge wasn’t having any of it, going so far as to say that he didn’t believe a word that Scumbag was saying. He denied his plea of Guilty to one felony, and only agreed to accept a plea to two counts of misdemeanors — this way, he’d be in jail longer and wouldn’t get out before Christmas. The judge said that he didn’t want to take the chance that he’d write more bad checks during the holiday season. We all nodded in agreement to that.

He ordered Scumbag to write a letter of apology (like I care) to be published in the local newspaper. He also ordered him to close his checking accounts. He then said that he’d waive court fees, and instead ordered restitution through the court to be paid back to the victims of his theft. He asked how much money he brings in.

$635 a month in disability. His wife makes $500 in disability. His oldest daughter makes $675 in disability. This is on top of the Social Security payments that they all receive which are not eligible to be garnished or used to formulate the restitution payments. The state also pays for their housing. Scumbag makes a higher household income than we do right now. Holy crap.

An interesting point that the judge brought up while admonishing Scumbag… he said that a very good business earns ten-cents on every dollar it sells, and that with this reasoning, our community would have to sell over $38,000 to re-coup the losses that Scumbag had stolen from Baker City businesses.

That’s one way of looking at it.

I’d better get busy making pizza, eh?

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