Our catering gig went off without a hitch tonight. The guys in the kitchen made it look like it was easy, and I was sure to slip them both a bonus later in the evening. Smooth. Seamless. Easy.

The weather has changed, and with that, we’re selling a lot more soup and dark beers. Just something I’ve noticed.

I got to try a phenomenal brew at Barley’s last night; a Pumpkin ale of some sort. I couldn’t stop thinking about it today, and so I showed up there tonight with a free pizza (I drop one off about once a week) and an empty growler thinking that I’d be able to take a pint home to Whitey. They were already out of it, and I’m feeling a bit pissy about it. It was that good.

Green Bay plays the Titans tomorrow morning. I’m feeling pretty confident for my Pack.

Remember to set your clocks BACK and hour. Spring Forward, Fall Back.

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