The Cleanest Kitchen in Town

See that envelope up above the whiteboard? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

BOH stands for Back Of the House. Inside that envelope is a $10 bill, along with a note that lists a secret spot that needed to be cleaned. If the spot is cleaned, that employee gets to open the sealed envelope and pocket ten bucks!

We do a FOH and a BOH spot, and even if the secret spot is found every day, we still hang another envelope with another ten bucks in it. That’s upwards of $600 a month that can be claimed.

The results have been amazing! Instead of standing around, reading a magazine during slow periods, these guys are pulling out equipment to wipe down the walls, scrubbing the floors, organizing the dry goods, getting on ladders to clean fan blades or vents.

The place is spotless. At the end of the night, I do a walk-through to check and see that everything is done.

It is, and then some.

Money is certainly motivating.

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5 Responses to The Cleanest Kitchen in Town

  1. Jana says:

    Maybe I should try that here!

  2. the Kina in Portland says:

    this is a FABULOUS idea… wish I had it when I used to run Elephants Deli… would have been a
    great thing!

    Go Packers! :) :) Kina

  3. Michael says:

    Amazing. You are doing so many things right. The $10 idea is sheer genius.

    Just a thought, the kids getting free soda are not loners. They come in with their friends and will turn into real customers one day. I’d recommend ignoring it and take the loss. Put it in the marketing column and mark it up to future good will.

    Good luck and make sure you get away from time to time. Restaurants will burn you out if you let them.

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