Winter is officially here

I woke up this morning to our first snow of the season. It will quickly melt off, however, giving me just enough time to drive my car to the shop for an oil change and to get it ready to garage for the winter.

We took the delivery van to Les Schwab’s yesterday and bought stud-less snow tires. It was going to take an hour until the van was ready, so we walked home, got the dogs, and walked around the neighborhood. We had the cell phone, just in case it got too busy at work, and thankfully we didn’t get a call because we wouldn’t have had a way to get back there in time to help.

We got back about two hours later, and lo-and-behold – we had been slammed! Our kitchen guy saved all of the tickets to show us what he had made, and we were told that our front gal had had to learn how to top the pizzas after he’d thrown the dough, sauced and cheesed them. We were really impressed. He’s quickly learned the art of timing in our kitchen, which is so important.

We’re pretty pumped that we have the smallest staff we’ve ever had, and yet (finally) they’re all very efficient. Our former kitchen gal who left recently (without notice, of course) actually did us a favor. She was the highest-paid and received the most hours of anyone on our crew. Instead of having to scale back hours for the slow season, everyone kept their regular schedule (plus a few hours) and Whitey and I will make up the difference.

Minimum wage is going up in 2009, and we needed to plan for that as well. We pay more than minimum wage to our employees, and it doesn’t seem fair that they don’t get a hike in pay as well. The Oregon minimum wage is currently $7.95 and is going up to $8.40 per hour. That’s the largest increase in history, keeping Oregon at the second-highest minimum wage in the country.

We’ve been polling our crew about what they’d like to do for the holidays. Would they rather have a party, or a cash bonus? The most common answer is “both”.

Of course. 🙂

We’re thinking that we’ll give everyone a bonus based upon longevity – a certain dollar amount for each month that they’ve been employed. Our ovens guy and MIL would benefit the most from this, as they’re the only two who have been with us since opening day.

Mulling and pondering.

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One Response to Winter is officially here

  1. whitedoyle says:

    FYI in Kansas minimum wage is about $2.50 give or take a dime. Wait staff can be paid even less!! Of course very few actually work for that. Em is between $6.50 and $7.00 at the grocery store. It has to be reassuring that you guys can not be there and everything can go well even if it gets a bit tricky!

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