If we find out that a customer is celebrating a birthday at Paizano’s, we bring out a free spumoni with a candle and sing Happy Birthday while making them wear the CHEESEHEAD!


As you all know, I’m a huge Huge HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, and the Cheesehead makes perfect sense to use at a pizzeria. Kind of like a sombrero at a Mexican restaurant, right?

Partying with the Cheesehead

Partying with the Cheesehead

Dont take my picture....

Don't take my picture....

JC - its not your birthday!

JC - it's not your birthday!

Driving while Cheesy!

Driving while Cheesy!

So tonight, John came in and announced that it was his birthday. He and his family enjoyed their dinner, and I watched as he opened his birthday cards and everyone hugged each other.

When I brought out his spumoni, he quickly took his fedora off (he was preparing to leave, and of course, had his hat off for dinner) and he beamed as I put the Cheesehead on his noggin. We finished singing, and I lit his candle while telling him to make a Really Good Wish, as he only got one for the entire year.

He thought about that for a moment, and then announced:

“Here’s wishing for another wonderful seventy-five years!” and blew out his candle, grinning ear to ear.

Johns Birthday

John's Birthday

He made my entire night. 🙂

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One Response to HB2U

  1. the Kina in Portland says:

    awesome. reading this made my day. 😀

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