How to order a Soft Drink in each of our United States

Growing up in Hawaii, when I ordered a drink it was a “Soda”. I had no idea that it was also called “Pop” in other places in America.

When I told friends that I was moving to Oregon, I was told that Oregon was cool, because pot was legal — or a misdemeanor or something. Not that I cared; I’ve never been a pot-smoker, but my friends in Hawaii thought that Oregon was pretty cool because of the leniency towards the herb.

I got a job the first day I moved to Bend, Oregon, working the front desk at the Bend Riverside Hotel. A teenage boy approached the desk and asked me where the Pot Machine was.

Pot Machine? What!!?

He nodded, so I went in the back office and in bewilderment, asked my manager, “Where is the Pot Machine?” He replied that it was on the bottom floor of A-building. Wow. Pot out of a machine. My friends were going to be floored!

A short time later, I asked my manager who stocks the Pot Machine. He asked me to repeat myself.

Pot. Machine.

I explained that my friends back in Hawaii were going to be visiting me often if we had a vending machine that supplied joints.

I wish that I could explain the laughter that exploded from him as he stuttered “pop” over and over again… “Pop – as in soda POP.”

I was mortified, and assured him over and over again that I wasn’t a pot-head, despite how stoned (and stoked) I seemed.

So what I’d like to know is, on this map it shows that there are counties that call a soft drink something other than Pop, Coke, or Soda… what do you think a fountain beverage is called when OTHER is the most popular term used?

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4 Responses to How to order a Soft Drink in each of our United States

  1. Sherri says:

    First off, LOL

    Second, I’m surprised that I’m one of the FEW that call it “COKE” I grew up in Cook County, Illinois and it was always “coke”. ALWAYS. However, the map is not that majority. Cook County is large, so maybe the North Shore of Chicago called it COKE.

    I’m one of the 2 in Deschutes County that calls it “COKE”

  2. Adrienne says:

    I haven’t been able to convert myself to “POP” … but I do like “Pot machine” : ) Pretty catchy. JJJ/KKK!!

  3. the Kina in Portland says:

    I always wondered where I picked up SODA. (I onls spent summers in Hawaii!)

  4. whitedoyle says:

    soda stl
    pop ks

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