Not your typical currency

We had a couple of ladies in recently who paid for their lunch in pennies. “Trust us,” one of them said. “We just counted them.”

Later, our front gal counted them into 50-cent piles and put them in baggies for the deposit. We laughed at the fact that she was making over $10 bucks an hour counting pennies. Well… she laughed. I winced.

It all spends the same though, right?

Unless you are tipped in something other than currency.

Whitey took a delivery recently, and was tipped in potatoes.

No kidding. They told him to open his delivery bag (which holds the red peppers, Parmesan packets, forks, etc.) and dropped in a bunch of potatoes that they had just dug up from their backyard. The bag was filthy.

We weren’t sure how to divide this particular tip up between all of the employees…

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One Response to Not your typical currency

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    Wow, this is great! Now I can tip the delivery drivers with lawn clippings, old newspapers, ‘classic’ magazines, or whatever else I have lying around. The precedent has been set!

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